Finding the Perfect Home For Your Family

One of the main benefits of a new-build home is that you get to customise the features of your home in order to get a home that is perfect for your needs. Many people will purchase a home as part of a “ready to start a family” checklist. This makes sense; moving home is much more difficult and stressful during pregnancy or with a young child in tow, so it is best to sort it before you start trying for children. However, if you have not had children before, you may not know what you need to look for in a family home. It is not as simple as making sure you have three or more bedrooms; here are some family-friendly features that JWNest homes contain:

Large Living Rooms

Large living spaces are vital for families. When your children are younger, this allows you to create a little play section for your children without finding lego with your feet or accidentally sitting on toys. As your children age, this gives them plenty of space for playdates or hanging out with friends in public areas.

Spacious Kitchens

There’s an old saying, “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” and this has never been truer than today. Family life with young children revolves around the kitchen. There is the constant food your active kids need and all the dirty dishes that brings. Not to mention kitchen surfaces and flooring are much easier to clean, so it can be tempting to want to keep the mess contained. A large kitchen allows you to spend quality time with your children without having them underfoot while handling knives and hot pots and pans. Speak to us about adding a breakfast bar so you can help your children with homework or play while you cook dinner.

An Extra Room

We’re not being dramatic when we say this extra room will protect your sanity like nothing else. What you use this extra room for is up to you. It could be a playroom for your children so that their mess and noise are mostly contained in that room, and your living room is a calm space where the adults can relax and chat. You may choose to have the extra room as an adults-only room where there are no toys in sight, and you don’t find snacks crushed into the sofa. But this extra room will help you find the balance in the house between making sure your children are comfortable in their home, and you are able to enjoy your home too. If you can afford to, always get one more room in your home than you think is necessary with the sole purpose of having this extra room.

Large Garden

At JWNest, we create homes for modern needs and desires. One such need is a garden so that you can enjoy sunny days without having to organise your children to get ready and in the car to go to the park. We pride ourselves on planning our homes to have gardens that are larger than the local average and allowing new homeowners the flexibility to create the outdoor space of their dreams. Whether you want to fill your yard with trampolines and toys in order to get a few moments of silence or create a beautiful outdoor entertaining area, your garden will accommodate it.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a god-send for families. It is much sturdier than hardwood floors and won’t be scratched by dragged furniture, pet claws, or toys. It is also far, far easier to clean than carpet. In JWNest homes, we use luxury vinyl Karndean flooring. It is extremely stylish and will continue to look brand new for many years.

Tiled Bathroom Walls

Anyone who has been around a young child for longer than half an hour will know they are experts in destruction. If there is anything in the vicinity that could make a mess, they will find it and spread it as far and wide as possible. They create indoor winter wonderlands with talcum powder and redecorate the floors with art supplies they have somehow stepped in. The bathroom is a room that holds the most ammo. It will blow your mind how far a child can spread shampoo or hair gel in mere seconds. You will marvel at their ability to get toothpaste everywhere but their mouth and the sink. And don’t get us started on children who have just learnt to use the toilet. Tiled bathroom walls mean that a quick wipe down restores your bathroom to normal.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are gaining popularity as it allows people to tuck things under the vanity, leaving their bathroom floor looking clean and clutter-free. Most people tuck their bathroom scales under there, but it is also very handy for tucking the stools the kids use to reach the sink or toilet under as well.

Storage Space

Everyone loves having as much storage space as possible. It really is key to keep your home organised and tidy. In family homes, it is even more important. We make our rooms spacious to allow you to add shelving units, cupboards, and draws to store all of your family’s belongings. The garages are built to be big enough to house a car and allow space to store seasonal items, family bikes, and toys that your child has stopped playing with but will inevitably want the minute you have donated them.

Fast Internet

Kids are increasingly tech-savvy, and as they get older, your home will have more and more devices connected to the internet. JWNest homes are built for the modern homeowner and have USB ports as well as wall sockets around the home and fast internet connections. You can work in your home office with no internet lag while your children and their friends have their video games, laptop, and all of their smartphones connected to the WiFi.

Dual Zone Temperature Control

All JWNest homes are built with dual zone temperature control, allowing you to protect the environment and keep your heating bills down. Your living spaces can be the perfect temperature during the day while they are being used, but you can save money by not heating them unnecessarily during the night. Similarly, you can get a restful sleep by ensuring your bedrooms upstairs are at a comfortable temperature throughout the night; but during the day, while they are empty, you do not need to heat them.

JWNest For the Modern Family

JWNest creates homes for the 21st Century family, with their needs and wants in mind. We create homes designed to make family life easier and allow you to adapt to new stages as your children grow. In addition to being practical, a JWNest home has beautiful finishes and fixtures. Just because you have kids does not mean you can’t live in a stylish home!

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