Land & Planning

Our business model centres around proactive land planning. We believe that location is a key element of a successful development, and so, we are always on the hunt for quality land all throughout UK. We consider joint ventures with landowners or commercial partners and even land without planning permission when finding opportunities.

British communities are pillars of support and belonging, so our team work closely with community leaders to ensure our developments help communities to reach their aspirations. We want to create a close working relationship to help not only our developments to succeed, but the local area to thrive too. When creating planning proposals, our team gives serious consideration to feedback from locals and protecting the local environment for future generations.

We pride ourselves on our team’s extensive experience working with local planning departments and government departments of all levels. This helps us to gain approval for our sustainable and community-focused proposals. Our team are skilled at collaborating with many different parties to bring about a positive outcome.

A JW Nest development project guarantees:

  • Constant communication between our team and stakeholders
  • A focus on sustainability and adding value to the local community
  • Strict adherence to all planning, development, and construction protocols
  • Thorough research and community consultation when finding development sites

At JW Nest, we pride ourselves in building high-quality developments people will be proud to call home. We are excited to create the perfect nests for you and your community.

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