JW Nest: Putting Design Into the Buyers’ Hands

If you are buying a new build house before it is even built, then we think it’s reasonable that you get some say over how it looks, don’t you? We believe that part of what makes a house a home is the personal stamp you put on your space. JW Nest is a boutique developer; we have kept our team small so that we have the utmost control over the quality that we deliver. We pride ourselves on allowing our homebuyers to customise most of the cosmetic features of their homes. Our designers have curated a range of popular finishes and looks that you can choose from, or you can book a consultation to speak to a designer about your ideal look.

A JW Nest homebuyer can customise:

  • Kitchen design
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Wall tiles
  • Functionality of rooms
  • Kitchen appliances

The sky is the limit. We encourage all homebuyers and prospective homebuyers to speak to our designers about their ideas, no matter how big they may seem. For the Florence Park development, we have managed to source specific tiles a client wanted to create the bathroom ambience they desired. For another client, we upgraded the kitchen appliances to include a sophisticated wine cooler to store their prized collection.

Kitchens are the heart of the modern home, and at JW Nest, we have partnered with Kettle Co. Kitchens and HBH Woolacotts to ensure the kitchen is completely customisable. With the help of Kettle Co. Kitchens, there are endless design combinations available to our homebuyers, including designer finishes like metal, wood, and concrete. We have also worked with clients to add kitchen islands and breakfast nooks to suit the needs of their lifestyles.

Customisation Examples

Here are some customisations we have made already for homebuyers in the Florence Park development:

  • Used a different pattern than the standard for the luxury vinyl Karndean flooring Made modifications to the kitchen layout and worktop
  • Added a kitchen island and breakfast nook to their kitchen plans
  • Swapped the kitchen flooring from luxury Karndean flooring to tiles
  • Upgraded or added kitchen appliances e.g. smart ovens and wine coolers
  • Turned the garage into a home office for car-free buyers
  • Added extra LED lights for a brighter home
  • Changing the sanitary ware
  • Sourced and used specific tiles the customer wanted

JW Nest is committed to building the home of your dreams, so book a consultation with our designers to speak about your vision.

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