Post-Covid Housing Boom: UK Homebuyers Demand Large Gardens and Spacious Homes

After the Covid-19 pandemic kept the UK locked in their homes for most of 2020, it became all too apparent how cramped UK houses and apartments are. Not only that, but the sale of plants rose by 50% during lockdown as people desperately tried to add some greenery to their garden-less homes.

In the UK housing market, homebuyers have always had to choose between living centrally or having a more spacious home further out of the city. This is further compounded as historic family mansions are increasingly bought and renovated into apartments. But why should UK homebuyers have to choose between space and convenience? Homebuyers want spacious rooms, storage, and they want outdoor space. This has always been the case, but the 2020 pandemic and subsequent hybrid working conditions have seen a mass exodus out of the cities in search of more space.

At JW Nest, we have always been aware of the market demand for more space and large gardens. Other developers have scoffed at our plans, saying that we could make more money by decreasing the size of gardens and rooms so we could fit extra homes into a development. But we want to build homes that allow owners to build a life. We want families to be raised under our roofs; we want businesses to be started and lives to be shared. Most of all, we do not want to build homes at the expense of young homebuyers.

JW Nest homes have gardens that are larger than the average for the local area. The Florence Park development is almost 5 acres in size, 2.3 acres of which is dedicated to public and private gardens. The gardens are 180sqm on average. It is important to us that homeowners have the space to build an outdoor entertaining haven and have room for the kids or pets to play safely. Having a garden or space to enjoy the sunlight and be amongst nature is beneficial to mental health, but it is also great for the planet. Plants and trees act as a natural filter for the air, purifying it and releasing more oxygen; they also allow plant and animal ecosystems to thrive. The loss of green spaces in favour of urban development has been linked to environmental issues like the endangered status of bees and the increase of air pollution and soil contamination. Allotments, community gardens, and parks allow communities a space to appreciate the beauty of nature, but we want to bring the joy of creating your own personal garden to our homebuyers.

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