Florence Park: Phase 2 Is Coming Soon

Phase 1 of Florence Park is officially all reserved, but do not worry, we are releasing Phase 2 on October 23rd. Our target completion date for the homes in Phase 2 is Autumn 2022.

We like to find buyers for our properties while we are doing the initial plot preparations because it allows buyers to come out and view the location. They can see the property lines marked out with pegs and sometimes even see the foundations of their new home. While we have fantastic images and models of the JWNest homes, sometimes it is nice to see where your new home will stand. We love having our homeowners visit their properties and get excited about their new homes during the build stages (and when it is safe to do so). It is much easier to envision how you are going to furnish and decorate your new home once you can walk in and see the space.

At JWNest, we believe one of the main benefits of buying a new-build home is getting to build your dream home. That is why we encourage our buyers to customise their new homes as much as they want. We have a team of designers who will sit with you and consult on how to achieve the features you desire within your budget. Here are some examples of customisations we have made for our Phase 1 buyers:

  • Made modification to the kitchen layout and worktop
  • Upgraded or added kitchen appliances e.g. wine cooler
  • Changing the sanitary ware
  • Added extra LED lights for a brighter home
  • Sourced and used specific tiles the customer wanted
  • Used a different pattern than the standard for the luxury vinyl Karndean flooring

All customisations must be made before the “first fix” has been put in. The first fix is what we like to call doing all of the wiring and pipes for the property. Up until the first fix deadline, buyers are able to work with our designers to customise their homes as much as they wish. After this point, we need to order all the materials and have a finished picture for the layout before we start wiring and running plumbing.

If you are considering a new-build property and want to learn more about Florence Park, contact us today. We can walk you through the design and customisation options and even take you to visit the site.

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